First of all, many of my on-line works are available through my gallery, Joyce Yahouda, in Montreal. A really nice presentation box contains the source files on DVD, a video transcription of the work on DVD as well as the source files in a portable hard drive and a usb stick. On acquisition, all on-line copies of the work will be removed and you may see the work at your convenience on TV just as if you bought a painting. (Works available, around 700$ CAN)
I have certain works that are no longer in consignment that can be acquired directly:
Penthesilea Book (2011)
This is a print version of Penthesilia made in 10 copies as part of the installation Penthesilea at Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montréal, Canada. They can be acquired at 100$ each plus 20$ shipping. (Illustrated extensively, 146 pages in colour, 19cm x 23 cm x ,08 cm; 7.5" x 9" x 1/2")
This is a signed and numbered cd in an edition of 30 with the source files of my 2007 project me_me_2006,
exhibited at Galerie Joyce Yahouda. The idea is not to unwrap it but keep it as an archive since it's on-line anyway. It costs 30$ CAD plus shipping. (The original work, installed in an new iMac can still be acquired through my gallery, Joyce Yahouda)