To the Public:

I am, like most, saddened by the news of the shooting at Essex Elementary School. I extend my condolences to those affected by this painful event. Please refer to the artist's statement for the game's intent. For further questions, please contact me here.

In the press I've been getting lately, I have tried to articulate very clearly that Columbine was a "wake up call" not just for our society but for ME in particular as I was once headed down a similar road. I found other outlets such as filmmaking and theater... unfortunately those like Harris, Klebold, and apparently Christopher A. Williams, did not.

Second grade teacher Mary Alicia Shanks, 56, of Essex, Vt., died from a gunshot wound in Thursday's attack
(Photo Courtesy Of The Family)

August 30, 2006

Mrs. Labesis touched many children's hearts, minds

Linda Lambesis was not only my 2nd grade teacher, but she was a close friend to me and my family. My fondest memory was when my parents went some where and Mrs. Lambesis opened her home in Essex to me and my brother. That will always be one of my favorite memories. Have you ever gone to your teacher’s house? Also, she was such a kind, caring, and awesome person who will never really be gone from us. I am going into 9th grade now, but then, I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

She was a great person who always had a smile on her face. She loved her students very much. She was a great teacher. In 2nd grade I couldn’t read in my head, and with her help by 3rd I could read in my head and always had a book in my hand. When I heard about what happened in her home I kept telling my mom, “maybe it wasn’t her. Maybe she finally decided to sell the house and someone was looking at it.” When I heard that she had passed in her kitchen all I could think of was the time my brother and I had stood in that very kitchen talking with her and her mother.

Not only me but my friend’s little sister (who just had her as a teacher) was very upset by the news, too. Mrs. Lambesis had been writing to her all summer. That shows a great teacher, to take the time to write to any of her students who loved her so much. I never knew her as Linda. She will always be Mrs. Lambesis. I could write so much more about this great lady but you would be reading for days and still never know how much she touched my life and my family’s.

I think it’s safe to say Mrs. Lambesis will always be remembered, not only by my family but by my entire community, too. My heart goes out to the families of Mrs. Lambesis, and Alicia Shanks.

Mrs. Lambesis, thank you so much for all you did for me. I wish I could talk to you one more time to tell you how much you meant to me. That goes for all my teachers as well.

You may hate school but you should really take a good look at the people who go there every day to help us.

”Live, Laugh, Love, forgive and forget because life’s too short to be living with regrets.”

Kate Morris age 14
P.S. she gave out the best Halloween candy!