To the Public:

I am, like most, saddened by the news of the recent shooting at Dawson College. I extend my condolences to those affected by this painful event. Please refer to the artist's statement for the game's intent. For further questions, please contact me here.

In the press I've been getting lately, I have tried to articulate very clearly that Columbine was a "wake up call" not just for our society but for ME in particular as I was once headed down a similar road. I found other outlets such as filmmaking and theater... unfortunately those like Harris, Klebold, and apparently Gill did not.



To Forum Posters:

This site is NOT a place to spread hatred or to cheer on the death of innocent people (quite the opposite, actually). Please be aware of the sensitive nature of Montreal right now and of those who were affected by this shooting. Videogames are important. They're now under much scrutiny here. Own your words and mean them. If you want a world where freedom of expression prevails, please understand that with it comes an inherent responsibility to be thoughtful and mature about your expression.

-Danny Ledonne


SCMRPG Creator